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Martin and Hawke


authors of the Jake Tyler series


Read what some of our readers thought about IN THE DARK OF THE SUN.

quotesBrilliant!  I really love the intensity and the graphic details...seriously, really great descriptions and characters. For those of you needing a Man, Woman, Wild fix...it's totally Hawke in this book!   Would sure be a fun movie or TV series.  I love this kind of stuff...and I couldn't put it down, had to read it at breakfast.  Really wished the second was already out!  I haven't enjoyed a good read like this in a while.  Thank you for producing such a masterfield piece of work. And hurry up with the next one!

quotesLoved it and can't wait for the next in the series!  Such an exciting book, for both men and women, it grabbed me right from the start.  It's packed with action and suspense and is so well written that you are literally transported to Costa Rica and the Colombian jungle—you feel like you are actually living it!  The story is full of unexpected developments...I stayed up late several nights just because I couldn't put it down.  One more chapter, one more chapter, I kept saying to myself.  I finished the book in the plane, and my neighbor started reading it.  After the first chapter, he was hooked, too!   So, yes, take this book on vacation with you, or read it at home with a good cup of coffee, you'll have a great time!

quotesFantastic story!  Being involved in Law Enforcement in Miami at the time this story was taking place, I heard a lot of stories like this one.  I highly recommend this book.

quotesIt's really a fun book to read!  I had a hard time putting it down, which says a lot because I easily get bored with most books.

quotesI absolutely LOVE this book!  It's an amazing adventure and impossible to put down, especially while reading on my lunch break.  I don't want it to end, but I also can't wait for what's going to happen next!

quotesI read to escape, the more detail the better...I'm an information junkie.  I also love a story—whether TV show, movie, or book—that gets in my veins and under my skin.  Not many do.   IN THE DARK OF THE SUN is one of those rare books.  I lingered over the lovely and descriptive passages, often going back to reread them for the pictures and/or feelings they evoke.  One minute I was savoring this beauty and then the next thing I knew, I was gripping my chair and flinching at non-existent sounds.  This is THAT kind of book.  I was enthralled, captivated, romanced, and tortured.  I felt sweaty, crawly—several times I was sure a spider had dropped down into my blouse—and scared nearly sleepless.  I also laughed harder than I have from any book in a long time.

quotesOne of the most exceptional books I have ever read.  You took me there, you put me in the heads of the characters, in their bodies, in the places the story goes.  I am an impatient reader…when I go to the bookstore, I am always picking up books, reading the backs and then rifling through the pages.  With this, I could not bear to go on to the next page, and yet my pulse was racing.  As a guy, I am not much for details—I want to get on with it—but I have to admit, I found myself marveling at the most minute things.   I read it the first time going full-throttle; then I had to read it again because it was just so damn good.

quotesA ripping good thriller packed with all the elements that keep you turning the pages.  It is both visual and visceral and you will be utterly transported to the places, riveted by the action, and enraptured with the characters.  You will live the reality of the violence of personal vengeance, which an amoral drug lord carries to a tranquil Costa Rican retreat, and you will feel the anguish of a modern day warrior in his quest through the Colombian countryside to set things straight.  Perhaps most of all, IN THE DARK OF THE SUN is an unlikely love story of a man whose world is cloaked in shadows and a woman whose light may open up the darkness...or get him killed.

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